HRCB Distributes Relief to Nasirnagar Victims of heinous attack on Hindus

Honorable HRCB Donors,

With humbleness and gratitude, HRCB Executive Committee expresses sincere thanks to you for your kind donation and support for the recent victims of heinous attack on Hindus in Nasirnagar, Bramhan Baria, Bangladesh.

Your generous contributions expressing your solidarity and sympathy towards the innocent Nasirnagar victims raised almost $6,000, and the equivalent fund in Taka was distributed through local Ram Krishna mission.


On December 10, 2016, Ram Krishna Mission distributed the relief materials among the eighty worst affected and most distressed victim families in Nasirnagar area. The relief materials included clothes, basic utensils, and Tk. 2,000 cash for each family. The relief distribution event was presided by Ram Krishna Mission Dhaka’s Head Priest Addhyaksha Dhrubeshananda Maharaj in the presence of some local dignitaries.

Honorable Human Rights Activists and the Donors, the relief organizers informed that the bigger benefit that this relief event has brought to these innocent victims is actually a boost in their moral strength. The victims felt that they were not left alone to suffer, their fellow Bangladeshis in the United States of America have felt their pain too and stood beside them. This moral strength will enable the victims to steer through their cold winter nights under the broken roofs of their demolished homes with the warmth of hope that there exist some true humans out there who are standing beside them. Such an opportunity in serving humankind has been possible only because of your kind support.

HRCB looks forward to your continuous support to stand beside the most helpless, and your strong voices in giving a voice to the voiceless fellow human victims in Bangladesh.

News of relief distribution activities-

Breakdown of the relief cost:

100% of your donated money is transferred to the victims in the form of relief materials. The summary of how your donated money has reached the victims is as below:

Donation Items per family


Unit Price in BDT

Total Price in BDT

One Sharee


BDT 720

BDT 57,600

One Dhuti


BDT 475

BDT 38,000

One Lungi


BDT 450

BDT 36,000

One Under shirt


BDT 200

BDT 16,000

One Quilt – raw cotton filled blanket


BDT 1,380

BDT 110,400

2 dinner plates


BDT 120

BDT 19,200

2 cups to drink water


BDT 35

BDT 5,600

Set of 3 books (one fn Sri Ram Krishna, one of Ma Sharada Mani, and one on Swami Vivekananda)


BDT 84

BDT 6,720

Packing bag


BDT 80

BDT 6,400

TK. 2,000 Cash for each family


BDT 2,000

BDT 160,000

TOTAL to the victims    

BDT 455,920


Relief Organization and Distribution Cost – Logistics


Cost in TK


BDT 1,800

Video of the event

BDT 3,000

Chair-table rent for the event

BDT 2,000

Material carrying cost

BDT 5,000

Communications, office stationary, printing, dignitaries entertainment

BDT 3,000

TOTAL logistics support cost

BDT 14,800


HRCB Executive Committee