Fundraising for Bangladesh Minorities

HRCB is concerned of the attack on Hindu minorities, their places of worship and on their livelihood. Tens and hundreds of houses belonging to Hindus in the area of Brahmanbarhia and other districts have been vandalized, looted and set on fire. Many of the victims have lost their homes and their livelihood. HRCB would like to extend helping hands to the victims with your help. Please make your donations through secure PayPal link. Donations received from you will be distributed to the victims in Nasirnagar, Brahmanbaria.

PayPal link:

We have raised $3750 (as of 11/12/2016) of initial target of $6000. All the contingency is being finalized to distribute the funds among the victims. More information will be shared on this page as we complete the work on the ground. Thank you for your kind donations. You can further help us by distributing this page to your friends and/or community members.

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